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S1E24: Want to be happier at work? Aoife tells us how to overcome toxic workplaces!

Get ready for another captivating episode of “Let’s Break Up – Toxic Workplace Stories” with your charismatic cohosts, Nicola and Gina! In this week’s interview, they delve into the world of corporate chaos and resilience with the remarkable Aoife O’Brien, the founder of Happier at Work (formerly Empowerment Coaching).

With over 20 years of experience in tackling business challenges for prestigious global organizations like Unilever, Mars, Coca-Cola, and Kraft-Heinz, Aoife is a results-driven problem-solver with an insatiable curiosity. Her expertise lies in leveraging data to support HR and business leaders in medium-sized companies, enhancing productivity, driving engagement, and reducing attrition.

Throughout her illustrious career, Aoife has been a firsthand witness to the disastrous consequences of poor hiring decisions, the frustration caused by misaligned values, and the failure to meet employees’ needs and expectations. These experiences have served as invaluable lessons, teaching her a powerful truth: to unlock the full potential of your workforce, you must prioritize people and foster an environment where they can truly flourish. The result? A happier workplace, skyrocketing productivity, heightened engagement, and improved employee retention—a perfect storm of positive impact on your bottom line.

Backed by an impressive educational background, including an MSc in Work and Organizational Behavior from Dublin City University and membership in the prestigious CIPD, Aoife brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Prepare to be inspired as she shares her insights, strategies, and real-life success stories that will ignite a spark of transformation within any workplace.

Tune in to “Let’s Break Up – Toxic Workplace Stories” and join Nicola, Gina, and their incredible guest Aoife O’Brien as they unravel the secrets to creating a thriving and harmonious work environment. Whether you’re an employee seeking solace or a leader yearning for change, this podcast is your ticket to navigating the treacherous waters of toxic workplaces and finding a path toward genuine workplace happiness. Don’t miss this episode—your career and sanity may depend on it!

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Oh yeah.Speaker 2: 53:32

All these different shirts. No, that was the other Brian. That was T-shirt Brian Oh.Speaker 1: 53:37

T-shirt Brian. Oh my God, yeah, brian with the insurgents was very funny.Speaker 2: 53:41

Yeah, um, we had the lady with four million jobs. Do you remember that one Mm? hmm, i know Where she had like what was it Like? 47.Speaker 1: 53:54

Like her first. Like her first line out of the box was like I’ve had 46 jobs in the past 30 years and we’re like what.Speaker 2: 54:05

We’ve got Amy, who talks to us about toxic positivity, which is pretty cool, and then we had Stu, who was our most recent recording, yeah, talking about leadership, which I’m pretty bloody excited about.Speaker 1: 54:20

And now so we’ll be doing some more interviews, but also sprinkling in some of the research episodes.Speaker 2: 54:25

Yeah, and then we’ll be doing some research episodes is going to like is our next kind of step right? That’s our evolution.Speaker 1: 54:33

And we’ll see what happens. We’ll see what you guys like more And if you have any comments, thoughts, reactions, just reach out to us.Speaker 2: 54:39

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And we’ll see you in season two. Couple weeks, yeah, yeah, a couple weeks. Thank you for joining us today. If you would like to share your story, we would love to hear from you.Speaker 1: 55:10

Also, leaving a review helps us create more content because it shows us there’s an interest in this topic.Speaker 2: 55:16

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See you next week, same time and same place.

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