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S1E14 Part 2: When your dream job becomes a nightmare! We speak to Reina about her toxic workplace

Through their thoughtful, often humorous questions and empathetic responses, Nicola and Gina create a safe space for Reina to share her story. They offer valuable insights and advice for anyone who may be experiencing a similar situation in their workplace. This interview is a must-watch for anyone interested in learning more about the dangers of toxic work environments and how to navigate them. Join Nicola, Gina, and Reina as they shed light on an important issue that affects many people in the workforce today.

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Like her first. Like her first line out of the box was like I’ve had 46 jobs in the past 30 years and we’re like what.Speaker 2: 54:05

We’ve got Amy, who talks to us about toxic positivity, which is pretty cool, and then we had Stu, who was our most recent recording, yeah, talking about leadership, which I’m pretty bloody excited about.Speaker 1: 54:20

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this podcast may contain adult themes this podcast is for entertainment purposes only the views and opinions in this podcast are expressly our own when I get into the workplace I like to [ __ ] [ __ ] up honestly every time I try to do something fun or exciting you make it not that way hey are you tired of toxic workplaces and the negativity that comes with them we hear you and we’re here to shake things up welcome to let’s break up toxic workplace Stories the podcast that’s all about breaking up with workplace toxicity I’m Nicola and I’m here with my co-host Gina together we’re going to explore real life experiences of workplace toxicity and offer a sense of encouragement and unity that’s right we’re tackling the tough topic of negativity in the workplace and turning it into a movement for positivity we’ll be interviewing guests to share their experiences and offer practical solutions for dealing with workplace the city our aim is to promote solidarity and a sense of community amongst our listeners let’s break up is quickly becoming the go-to source for anyone looking to share and then ditch the drama and create a happier healthier work environment so join us each week as we explore the various forms of toxicity in the workplace Get Ready To Join the Revolution against red flags and toxic workplaces thanks for tuning in and don’t forget to like subscribe and tell all your friends in this week’s episode welcome to part two of our amazing episode with Rayna we are so excited to do part two as well because you know we’ve listened to the story it’s been amazing the roller coaster of emotions the roller coaster of characters it’s been phenomenal and just when you thought it couldn’t get any weirder or more plot twisty it did it does miserable it’s crazy um she is so composed and the way she handled these situations like I would I could never I could never I would have lost my top like a million times by now and she comes up with such clever ideas on how to solve the problems yes I’m like I was like in awe like when she was talking about the watermark and Genius Like fuzzy thumb I learned something new you know and I’m in the or both in the creative space I never knew that theory so I love that I love how much she listens to her parents and like how supportive they are like I love all of this I love all of it with all of it we got to meet her baby you guys won’t be able to see her but she’s amazing and you’ll hear the little gurgles you might hear some you won’t see her but you’ll hear her and know because she fell asleep in rayna’s arms I can’t a little snore like it’s too much it’s cuteness overload it was a bit cuteness overload yeah um so that is episode part two episode five billion and six at this point we don’t even know at this point because we’re recording this at some point in the future or no actually in the past if you think about it yeah when you’re listening to this and we can’t really keep up with what’s getting published ones so good luck yeah all right okay the next the job that I got that was like bigger and better than the previous job was at a video game company and oh man it was I went back to enjoying my job again I loved my co-workers like we would like awesome do like coffees and lunches together and uh I was as part of my job I was required to play video games at work which is like a dream for me boohoo for you yeah yeah um I got to do really fun design work and I started managing a team for the first time so all that stuff was fantastic and I got along so well with um my co-workers I’m still friends with like a lot of them today even my one um uh friend that I was a boss of um she came to visit me in New Zealand um yeah that’s so cool um okay so uh oh and my boss there was like the best boss I’ve ever had at any job um I learned so much from him and I’m still learning from him like I still ask him questions sometimes and I’m struggling with like managerial kind of situations that you have someone that you can like always go to as like to bounce ideas off of or something yeah it was like I finally found that Mentor that I’ve been looking for for a few years so that was really great um so was this a good place or not good place it was great it was really great and then it ended up not being great later I’m sense I’m sensing a theme Reina everything starts great then ends up not great honestly okay it seems like the pattern was when it was a startup it was great but then when it got bought out by a corporation then this when it started going patient all right um so after two years our team restructured and I got new team members and a new boss who is the CTO I remember my mom warning me not to wear my engagement ring around the office because I was recently engaged and I thought that was like so old-fashioned what was your reasoning do you know because I was about to get this new position I had to kind of interview for this new position and so my mom’s like it might hurt your chances of getting hired no I I I think there’s validity to it because then especially if it’s men who are in charge of hiring they’re gonna think okay she’s about to get married you know she’s gonna go off on her honeymoon she’s gonna get Knocked Up and then she’s gonna be out so I think there is validity to it but anyway what did you do did you wear the ring I did not I took my mom’s advice and I did not wear it and I thought it was old-fashioned but I was like you know what there’s every time I don’t listen to my mom there’s like a problem so I’m just gonna do it and so so um after I got the role he told me that I was really smart not to wear my ring during the interview and that he wouldn’t have hired me if I wore it and he asked me like how long have you been engaged I was like you don’t need to know that right um yeah I know where I stand right away right yeah um so uh we’ll call my new boss blue steel okay because he always made a certain look a very specific look um and he would often remind everyone that he used to be a model back in his home country and everything and I even probably meant nothing to us here in America nothing watches 90-day fiance with uh okay and then we have the spin-off from that Darcy and Stacy and Stacy’s husband was a model in like where was it he had like any time they’re like oh Florian’s a model they have like two pictures from when he was modeling like that was it he probably had one photo shoot right so it was it something similar to that no they’d often ask him to pose with the products blue steel starts flirting and when I reminded him that I was engaged uh he said yeah he didn’t they don’t [ __ ] care you’re not married how cute and like I idealistic you are you’re like hello I’m engaged and men do not care some women okay so yes men do not give a [ __ ] yeah so he yeah he didn’t try he didn’t care like he would like try and like kiss my hand and you know whatever yeah like do stuff like that um gross goodbye so we continue to butt heads too because he was like a bit misogynistic um yeah not to mention it being a video game company was already kind of like a boys club but huge towards men yeah but the new con part of the company that I worked in was like total boys club and I haven’t I I often had his like inceptionized my teammates to think that my idea was theirs so that they could present it to my boss because my boss wouldn’t accept my idea but he would accept it if it came from the guys do you think he was doing that because he felt like you rejected him uh I don’t know like I think so I I think I think that I mean I think it’s pretty transparent yeah without being able to read his mind you know yeah it definitely felt that way yeah but have you watched the uh uh the show on I don’t do you get it what the hell is it called um it’s on apple plus it’s about oh God Rob Mickel whatever the hell his name is from It’s Always Sunny is is the oh visit Quest I had to stop watching it because it was too real that’s I was like this sounds like [ __ ] Mythic Quest right now okay it was very similar to that okay because like he but this but Rob how do you say his last name it’s like I don’t know yeah the guy from It’s Always Sunny and whatever but Mac yeah but Mac is actually [ __ ] hot sure so it’s like the actual version of this story Mythic Quest okay I got you all right so he feels rejected you’re not getting your ideas in across unless they’re coming from someone else and then what um to illustrate the boys club um like in meetings like um this guy let’s call him High hair because he was born and from Europe and had really tall hair um keep up with these these cups okay so high hair like it was really common like in meetings if someone said something that he didn’t like he would like do like a like a jerking off motion like he’d be like you know if you didn’t like what you said but the thing like that part didn’t even bother me as much as he would like finish like The Jerk wait let’s let’s just recap so the jerk off motion itself not offensive the finishing and spreading was the offensive part for some reason I love that because I you know I I was used to working with guys so like a lot of guys do that so I was like I even do that like I’ll even do that sometimes but I don’t maybe not right I don’t finish and spread and flourish so I I suggested something that he didn’t like and he did the thing and then um I called it didn’t finish did he finish on your boobs or on your face I’m just going completely finished no he was he was spreading it around to the whole team it seems like you know you don’t need a protein shake in the morning just go for your daily gross from High hair yeah so when I called out High hair on his hopes for don’t start this [ __ ] because then it’s gonna get stuck in my head okay all right so what so so you go to him and you say you call him I complain yeah I call him out in the middle of the meeting like in front of my co-workers and I’m just like this can you not do that please and then my co-workers jump in and they’re like Rina you’re too sensitive it’s like he was spraying you it was an equal opportunity spray like stop being so sensitive stop being so sensitive what a dick well I need a equal opportunity so we all got a little bit of the action there okay so yeah yeah that’s just to illustrate one of the things that made it come boys so yeah blue steel continued doing questionable things like he tried to put his arm around me during meetings um he’d like cuddle up real close like almost like we’re dating or something like when I was like trying to give a presentation I’m like why are you on me like I literally had to like push him like away like he would just be so close um and um he would try and get me alone and like after work and stuff like into like separate like little offices and stuff and then he’d like invite me over to his Penthouse that he could like bake me European bread and we could listen to Jazz that sounds like the work like the like my date from Hell totally my vibe like let’s make some bread my language of love and then oh my God like let’s not listen to your weird music let’s listen to mine I’m surprised it wasn’t Rammstein I would just be like Oh I’m not interested in that but you can bring me some homemade bread tomorrow at work right here yeah you did my good friend he brought it in sometimes see okay the Europeans know how to make good bread yeah yeah I believe that I believe that okay so you’re like no Jazz no [ __ ] half naked Bread on your Penthouse Terrace whatever yeah yeah being listen to you he could afford things like this um and then yeah and then one time I said I was going to a female co-worker’s house to work from her house because like the internet went down and he asked me in front of her to videotape the pillow fight for him yeah so things like that so like it’s like I don’t even I feel like it is kind of overt sexual harassment but some people might consider that like subtle also they could they could you know negotiate that it’s you know cultural yeah there could be an argument a flimsy one they’re related to wherever he was from yeah yeah I mean I’m not buying it I’m not buying it either okay sir did you but did you did you film the pillow fight and if so what down count were the pillows no I did not feel film the pillow fight in slow motion because there was none subscribe to this podcast really my friend was Italian so she made me butter pasta for the first time and changed my life but other than that okay so anyway um HR because he’s being a jackass no he’s being a jerk off nice no that was High hair but anyway yeah so I was told when I when I told the HR ladies she told me that there was no possible way that he could be harassing me because he never came on to her so my case what um I just you know what you know what interests me about the story you know what really like just develops the story for me is that if pretty much every line of sentence you have Reina next minute Gina and I are sitting here like what so was she like insanely attractive no she was like I I would think I honestly if I were to give it like I think she was like two points below me okay was because it’s like if she was like some model-esque like you know there are some women out there who just have that going on for them who are insanely attractive and Men Women everyone will notice it maybe I could give her the benefit of the doubt but I cannot we cannot okay so what are we calling us our [ __ ] HR lady because I’ve got to you know make a new card now oh I I don’t know she’s a one time one time now okay okay yeah but I well he didn’t hit on me so therefore it’s not true because he would have hit on me before you and I I made the point like I told her like I remember telling her like well you’re Caucasian maybe he’s into like ethnic girls that’s they’re saying like that’s the thing who do we know like who do who are we to say who people will find attractive you know yes um okay so it got to the point where he was like harassing me so much that I would take my laptop and like hide from him on the floor that I used to work on with my old teammates and to just get away from him and they would like protect me and he would come looking for me and they would say oh rain is not here try one of the other floors just so I can get my word try to Hansel and Gretel you with little like pieces of his homemade bread I would be tricked because I’d be trapped in trouble yeah I would be in the oven at this point I’m quite curvy so I’d make a delicious meal okay so people were people so people knew this was like a well-known secret it was well known yeah there weren’t any women in the in the office and so it was it was known that he would always try to do stuff and um my boss uh blue steel said in front of my team he was like you know I’m sorry for you know everything that’s going on between this I want to repair a relationship and these like you know I’ll buy you some flowers to apologize and I said if you buy me flowers I will slap them out of your hands um and my teammates were like why are you being such a jerk he’s just trying to be nice to you I’m like by buying flowers that’s like a romantic romantic posture yes that is weird again my language of love is prisons so if you were my manager and you brought me flowers I would be really good flowers bring me some [ __ ] like Louboutins or something no I would be happy with flowers that are gonna die no or some bread like something not romantic or he was offering you the brain already now now brown cow but only if I ate it in his Penthouse so it was like the butter dripping down why do I always take it to like liquids dripping down anyway area so my teammates after they kind of chastise me for not accepting the flower they said that you know what’s going to happen to us if he gets fired you should just like take one for the team so they kind of knew that I was uncomfortable but they’re like you should just deal with it because it’ll affect all of us if you take them down pretty much um so soon after a few people did quit and I knew that they really needed me not to quit too especially in the design capacity so I said that I’d say if blue steel agreed to give me a promotion okay um I’ve been working there for a couple years already I felt like I was ready for the next step and that I could do the job well and I was kind of already doing a lot of things that were Next Level yeah so he said he would let me work in a managerial capacity for while and then if I proved that I could do it then he’d give me the job like he’s like six months eight months a year later so I I was like no I’ve already proven that I could do the job um so you’re gonna have to promote me and compensate me like you know in order to perform at a higher level right and if you don’t I’m just going to continue performing at my current level like I’m not going to do anything more than that and he said that it was probably for the best um because being a manager it was a very stressful job for a woman and that you know it was probably for the best that I didn’t get a higher role so I called his bluff and I didn’t do any more than what I was paid to do um which was kind of they were getting buried and so he was forced to kind of offer me the promotion um and so he um I asked him like okay when can I see the compensation you know and he responded back saying that the title should be enough that he didn’t need to compensate me monetarily for the new role so of course I refused the role good for you and so I’m like well what do I do now because he’s really pressuring me to do this I don’t really want to quit um but like I don’t want to continue getting pressured like this and I do deserve to get this promotion um and I think I’d be great at it and so again I talked to my dad and my dad was like okay then he’s like do you have this is the CEO of the company have like an open door policy and I said yes and so my dad is like okay does he know you and then I said yeah he’s you know he knows my name and stuff and he’s like okay then he’s like well what you have to do is take all emotion out of it don’t go in there saying this guy’s sexual harassment this guy is you know like you know anti-woman you know blah blah blah he’s like go in and specifically say how the company would be at a disadvantage and lose Revenue if you’re not at performing at this higher level or how much money they lose if you quit yeah so that’s what I did I just made this like little thing showing how much you know I contribute directly contributed in sales last year how much I like that whole thing uh when I told the CEO what happened oh he actually asked me how much I wanted to be paid for this new role and he was like okay throw out a number how much do you want to get paid and I was like uh and I just set a number and then he’s like all right I’ll have HR drop the paper immediately yeah yeah so um shortly after that like right at like the next day blue steel brought me into a meeting and he presented me with the well he had to present me with the paperwork to sign um and so he took that opportunity to apologize for his behavior and he he said you know what he’s like now I realize that you’re a delicate flower and that you need the title and the money in order to feel validated so I brought this for you how would you feel if you were in my position and I said you have to do more work but you’re not getting paid anything what a dick wad okay and then he’s like you know what I’m you know I just want to formally apologize and I’m glad that we could still be friends and of course you know that this promotion means a lot of late night meetings so we probably have those over dinner some nights you know um we’ll pick somewhere nice yes so after like insulting me he immediately tries to like ask me out like in the same breath right so please tell me he gets fired uh yes in a way um so I told him I was like you know what we’re not friends I’m paid to interact with you I was like you get two meetings on office grounds that’s it like per week and then I sign the paperwork so as a new manager I started building out my new team and at that point the relationship between me and my boss had degraded so much and I was stressing out so much that I’d often like hyperventilate on the way to work or like on Sundays I would just dread you know going in some words yeah um and my fiance who’s now my husband um he offered to like go in and put it my boss in his place you know and all this stuff um but I told him I was like look if he only respects me when you’re around then he’ll never respect me when you’re not around which is mostly it’s actually backfire he might use he might have used that as like a means to kind of get back to back at you like oh you can’t fight your own battles you you delicate Little Flower right yeah yeah so yeah so I’m glad that your husband didn’t so it started reminding me of my previous previous nightmare job you know that picture I looked at that and I was like you know what I think it’s probably getting time to quit yeah so my husband got a job opportunity to come out here in New Zealand and so I was like you know what I’m just gonna put in my resignation like you know I’m kind of done and ready for the next stage anyway so I still needed one more designer for my team before I left and here’s a return player so do you remember scabs from my first job how could we forget forget scabs I mean okay why is he back so he applied to be a manager on my team and I rejected his application immediately and of course his resume yeah as do not hire ever and he went on to be jobless for like another four years [Music] um yeah yeah he’s going on to have like multiple sexual harassment complaints about uh about him they they started hiring um a lot of women in the in the office and a lot of them were ethnic women and so now this caused all sorts of problems and they wouldn’t not to single him out they would make the whole company do sexual harassment like video training they kind of have to they can’t yeah I get it okay yeah and after a certain point like um they that’s when me too exploded and so they got some Flack uh from during that time and so they like corrected their the company and we still mysteriously had a swift exit to his home country so now fast forward I looked him up recently to this podcast so now he is CEO of a similar company in his home country so yeah so that’s my second job are there more uh there’s just one more the New Zealand job uh yeah I say Entertainment Company it’s an entertainment company based in New Zealand you came out here following your husband who got a job okay yeah yeah so um it was one of my dream jobs that I’ve Ever Wanted since I was a kid when I wanted to work in this industry like so I was so excited to have this job and it was the most creatively inspiring place I’d ever worked the artists were some of the best in the world you know they have like Oscars and bathtubs and all those stuff yeah yeah yeah and yeah I just learned so much from them and I feel like my artistic creativity just like bloomed um and the owner was like such a like creative genius like just getting to hear a little bit of his thought process was so like help like informative for me and I learned so much so um my kiwi boss um let’s call him Winton yeah yes okay because he he had a dog um that looked a lot like a dog from the cartoon that my daughter watches who’s called Winton so okay and Winton had a very similar I mean uh winton’s dog had a very similar uh personality to his owner like he would like go like get all in your face is that a kiwi show uh it’s Australian show oh okay because I was like this sounds like a fun show I want my daughter to watch oh you’ll oh she’ll love it I’ll tell you about it later when I challenged Winton on some of his morally questionable Behavior he tried everything possible like everything possible to give me what was morally questionable can you give us an example yeah so he a lot in nepotism he would hire his friends for jobs even though they were awful and the company would spend like thousands on a really off and then he would ask me to convince the stakeholder to go with his friend instead of someone who is qualified um and sometimes he would have like up-and-coming artists do like a sample to try and get hired and then he would use that sample for like the job that that happened to me when they had me when you probably heard when I they wanted me to do like an importing before I was all right yes yes yeah very similar to that um and so uh what I’ve like I just like asked him about it one time and I found out that he was actually really upset because I got hired instead of his friends and so he tried to deny me raises or demote me to try and get me to leave but I always made sure that uh my work was visible to the company and that like I had transparency of like all the work that I contributed as an individual to the company stuff that I had learned from my previous like crappy jobs and um HR ended up putting him on probation and he had to do a management course and did that help anything uh at first I thought it did um because like he seems like really friendly at first like it took a while for him to kind of reveal his true colors you know so he started guessing yeah so he started acting nice again and so I thought oh maybe you know he learned or something but then he started telling me things like you know I’ve always dreamed about being a belief um and that’s why I became a boss um and or he’d say like you know that’s why I don’t hire Americans if you’re a kiwi you just go back to your desk and silently hate me like you’re supposed to instead of like confronting me about it um I’m sorry what yeah yeah like okay I I don’t I don’t understand what being kiwi and being American has to do with anything but that’s like stupid it’s like if somebody’s doing something wrong or is incapable somebody should say something yeah kiwis are usually from because most of the people in my job were kiwis um and they do tend to be I feel like a lot more patient than Americans and a lot less likely to speak up when they’re being kind of treated unfairly um so yeah um but like eventually I told them I was like you know what I’ve been in this role for so long I was like you know I know your friend didn’t get hired but you know I feel like I’ve hopefully I’ve proven that I do deserve the job and that like I’ve been contributing positively to the team and then he was like you know you’re a good fit for the job not for the team and I’ll never forgive you freaking being hired instead of my friends yeah okay what is what is the 10th grade is like okay uh how do I go back to work okay sorry like it wasn’t even your fault you got hired you got hired you know there was nothing I could do it yeah this is so petty and childish and just just a bit it’s gonna be a no for me well and I remember one of your podcasts talking about the way that you were hired was like you know maybe like a not the usual way of getting hired and that kind of um put a sour taste in people’s mouths even before you started yeah um and like for me like you know that I got hired and then the guy the boss he posted like he shared a communication to the the company and he was like oh he’s like so and so is out um it’s time for the queen to Reign now because Reina means clean right and like instead of like being tactful and like you know explaining that the person decided to move on and Reina is taking her the place and she’s very talented or whatever they say she’s just like oh this person’s out long live the queen and of course everyone’s gonna hate me after having like yeah like immediately well I kind of had to prove myself and then eventually people liked me and stuff like that but yeah it definitely took some work to yeah so he kind of set you up for failure almost yeah yeah um so randomly one day after completing the management training Winton actually offered me a promotion and he asked me to send him an email outlining what I felt the gaps in the team were um and what I could contribute to this new role and so it was a trap is this gonna be a crap okay how did this become a trap well because he then took those points that I wrote out and he used that to create a job posting to hire someone else for that position what a slimy little bastard so he it gets better so he told me of course he said you know you can apply for this new position that I posted and he said of course that would mean that we’d have to hire someone new for your current position so he’s like if you decide to apply for the new one um you know like I’d have to be okay with potentially being replaced before the interview process was done for this new role and then I wouldn’t have a job anymore so he said you know it’s up to you of what you want to do if you want to try your TN safe getting this higher position or if you wanna stay where you’re at so what did you do so um I ended up saying where I was at and I said I’m not interviewing for do you think that was the right decision I think so because at that point there was it was there’s already poison in the water like he there was nothing I could do to convince him um and so he ended up hiring a designer um a design manager without any input from me being the lead designer uh I was like the design manager and this is like a step up from designer um and uh I pointed out I was like Hey like I saw her resume she’s actually like really under qualified for this role um I don’t know if he knew because you’re not a graphic designer maybe you don’t know and he said the only reason he hired her but was because he thought she could go toe-to-toe with me and he’s like she’ll be on my side and she can go Toto and that’s all that okay so then what happened so in the meantime uh one of my subordinates was a senior that had been at the company a really long time and she was really well loved she was like so sweet like I thought we were going to become like really good friends like some of my previous jobs uh we’ll call her Two-Face how did I know Too Faced okay so like from Batman Two-Face yeah yeah so unfortunately I discovered that she actually wasn’t doing her own work um she was doing paid freelance work on the job and she was forcing yeah wait so she was doing other work that she was getting paid for uh like on the side like her side hustle on company time yes just making sure yeah so she was doing that on company time which is why she wasn’t meeting any of her deliverables and she was forcing the junior designer to do all her work and say that it was this Two-Face but it wasn’t it was the Junior’s designer’s work the junior designer was amazing she was so good but in order to like be able to do this she had to like you know work crazy hours to do the work of two people yeah um and um yeah and so because I had done design management for a while now like I was able to pick up on hey this is a particular design style that this designer makes instead of that Designer um and so I’m like I know you didn’t make this because back to my you know first job days where I put the watermarks in and yeah like I knew like kind of the language the design language that is unique to every designer on my team so um so yeah so I tried to fix the issue and she ended up getting really upset about this and she told everyone that I was really incompetent and then I was a bully and that um you know like I was making her life a living hell and so she went to HR saying that I was bullying her um and so as part of that I was given a new script for emails that I had to do when talking to co-workers that was less abrasive so I remember one of your podcasts where you’re talking about kiwis versus America where you had to do this whole flood how’s your day hope all is well and by the way can you send me this file you know um and I wasn’t used to that like in my job with the awesome manager before this one he often told me he’s like Rayna if you’re gonna be a manager just cut straight to the point I don’t have time to skim through yeah he’s like just say what you need from me and so that’s what I did this doing at this new job and so I actually got in trouble for being a bully because I wasn’t quitting why I didn’t fluff my emails yeah same thing yep yeah so shortly after she started sabotaging my managerial processes on purpose to say that they didn’t work and that we would miss our deadlines because I sucked as a manager um of course you did yeah purposely missing deadlines you know like all that stuff and I created style guides because I was like a brand um I did brand as well so I created style guides to kind of streamline our design processes um and whenever I I noticed whenever I had a sick day or I called off for vacation or something she’d actually throw away or accidentally delete the style guides or she’s so stupid yeah so I’d literally find the prince that I made because I did digital in the prints to the stakeholders I’d literally find them in the trash she would go to their desks and find this the style guide on their desk and throw it away um or she’d tell them that you know there was a new style guide and that this one was irrelevant even though there wasn’t um just to kind of sabotage her yeah so I I mean I I was well seasoned it isn’t my first rodeo so I had multiple physical copies in my desk I had copy digital copies everywhere um so every time she threw it out I just bring out my next copy that I already had yeah um so um I was eventually able to prove what she was doing um you know taking doing the paid freelance work on company time first in the junior designer to do the work like all that stuff and she was actually put on probation and she eventually she she decided to leave the company eventually yeah and obviously you guys never rekindled any type of friendship no um if anything she costs me some friendships at that job of like some people that were like I thought were like my close friends because she told them I would bullied her and forced her out when of course that wasn’t actually what happened and like they don’t speak to me to this day because of it uh so bummer but uh yeah but like are they really your friends to begin with if they believed this person likely not yeah that’s always what I say I’m like you know that’s why I don’t care about hearsay because it’s like you’re obviously not a real friend so right because if they knew you like you don’t strike me as someone who would go out of their way to bully someone do you know what I mean yeah yeah um yeah so okay so next one it’s a new card so at the same job there was a girl um we’ll call her furiosa so furiosa was someone I often had to work with and she had serious rage issues um she’d often scream at the top of her lungs she’d awesome little co-workers she would cursive them yell at them belittle them she hated if anyone spoke to each other on our team um like you know so she said she said she needed absolute silence in order to work hey maybe she was new or diverse I’m I’m open to that because like canceling headphones the noise canceling headphones don’t always work if you if you’ve got like misophonia which is what I’ve got I will fixate on the smallest [ __ ] sound and it’s all I can hear um but do you scream at people and curse them out though uh no no no I don’t ironically she was the communications manager oh my God the the yeah the the irony is not lost yeah the plot twists on this one are very I’m loving them um so I was turning our team of individual silos into a team that actually communicated and brainstormed together when you’re a creative team you really need to be able to bounce ideas off each other like draw stuff on the wall like you know like that’s part of being a creative person and um we also just had some fun together sometimes like one of the things that made her the most angry was my share the broccoli game that I do with my co-workers so remember how I checked out when my previous job like only gave me like the crappy jobs like and I didn’t get to do the fun stuff anymore so every once in a while I would put like the dessert jobs and the broccoli jobs like in a hat and I’d ask the team to close their eyes and like pick out a job and yeah I thought it was fun and it was like the great equalizer because it was great for morale because it was fun and it kept eagle was in check like senior designers would have to sometimes do crappy jobs and learn a new appreciation for those roles I I thought it was fun and my other co-workers from the team actually thought it was so fun that they’d stop their work to see who got stuck with the broccoli yeah yeah and they’d like cheer on the winner you know and she hated it absolutely hated it it was too much too much yeah yeah too much noise so most people were afraid of her um but me being from Chicago and Latina I was like she does not phase me at all right um and I refuse to play her games like I didn’t allow her to yell at me or talk down to me or anything and I found out she had multiple HR complaints on her uh mind being one of them um but the HR person told me that she was very stressed out and that we needed to understand furiosa’s mental health Journey because she was stressed and I was like we’re all stressed we work at an entertainment company but like you know that’s notoriously stressful job okay yeah um so then HR sent out a communication to the entire department saying that if she yelled at us or cursed at us or whatever that we weren’t allowed to yell back and that if we needed to speak to her about something then we had to stand four feet away and wait for her to make visual eye contact once she made eye contact you had to say may I approach so maybe she said this point I’m starting to believe neurodiversity in this particular instance I mean I guess the Company’s trying to let’s say she is neurodivergent and I guess this is the company’s attempt to be inclusive be inclusive yeah it just seems very like ham-handed yeah or like her her rules or you get nothing or you get screamed at yeah so um there is some like I thought about that sometimes um like oh maybe there was like some sort of neurodivergent thing going on but the thing that made me think maybe not is because um my co-workers adhered to those rules so they would you know be like may I approached and she would be like yesterday and um after work hours I would often work late because being a manager you know how that goes and she I heard her bragging to the art director after work about how she had everyone jumping through hoops and how like you know she loved this new power that she had and it made her feel so like powerful and she’s like oh I think I’m gonna turn it up a notch and see how much more I can push it um so not a good look yeah yeah um and then she mysteriously disappear with the art director for a while um and um then she was like like he would like be like hey can you watch my son I’m gonna go with furiosa for a second and I’ll be right back I’m like I’m not your babysitter I’m a designer yeah why is after work hours so I was working late you know um so the son he was working late too working late in bunny ears um air quotes and okay that makes more sense now go ahead okay so she um fast forward and she demanded to know why I didn’t adhere to hr’s uh mandate about asking to approach her um and I told her that if she needed my team to do work for her that she’d need to talk to me like I’m like you’re just gonna have to talk to me if you need work for me I was like we’ve got plenty more people that need our time and would use it wisely so I’m not going to play these games you know and of course it didn’t go well with furiosa she’s really upset about it um and I try to like I’m like okay let me just try and think of another way to deal with furiosa um and so I implemented this online review tool and um ended up helping a lot because everyone could see what she was commenting and seeing where she was being like a bottleneck or whatever so they would follow up like the other stakeholders so I wouldn’t have to so it ended up being a lot better and then she could comment on her own time so you know like it was you know less stressful because I didn’t we didn’t have to interact with each other it was just all online are really smart approach yeah that was smart that’s engineering your work engineering the stress out of your work there yeah that’s a good way of doing it um so unfortunately things got worse between her and like other departments because now other departments were forced to interact with her more but you know as far as like me personally and my team uh it wasn’t stressful like that anymore yeah yeah So eventually she was quote unquote promoted out of the way um according to one of the other managers so that the team could work more smoothly and efficiently um and I eventually just resigned um because I had a high-risk pregnancy and I needed to focus on that uh I eventually resigned to like focus on that and um furiosa and the art director were fired a couple months later for having improper relations on work properly I was going to say obviously they those two were [ __ ] oh my God why right yeah so that that’s pretty much it now I have two children and I do brand Consulting and teaching and graphic design on the side and that’s uh that’s it for my job stuff yeah yeah all right well this has been a [ __ ] treat and a ride and a half and I applaud you for being so organized I really do because as I mean I’m a mom of one and I have a living Nanny and I am nowhere near that organized you guys well thanks for listening to my crazy stories oh my God it was good thank you so much for your time okay thank you bye all right so well that brings us now to the end of part two of rayna’s story um we’re really excited to hear what our listeners thought of this two-parter um we didn’t want to put any of it into the bonus episode because we just thought this was way too juicy to not and it was still coherent just everything was together it just made sense she was so organized I love it um she also sent us photos gave us some illustrations which we can’t share unfortunately but um I think one or two we can like the shoe we can share the specific shoe that was requested yes um so there might be one or two uh you know picture references that we we might be able to throw up on IG for everyone yeah or just to enhance your listening or viewing experience however you access our podcast and as always like rate subscribe do whatever things that you want to do do it call us don’t call us write us leave a voice message whatever yes do not send a stick pics though that’s not a part no but smoke signals will get them carrier pigeon just we we need the support we’ve been doing so so so much work um and we just need the support um in in many many ways so that it will enable us to continue to do these awesome um episodes and and allow people to share their stories yeah because I think it’s beneficial for everyone involved so for sure yay that’s our Spiel that’s our that’s our used car salesman and Spiel for our podcast thank you for joining us today if you would like to share your story we would love to hear from you also leaving a review helps us create more content because it shows us there’s an interest in this topic for those of our listeners who do better with reading we have closed caption available on YouTube see you next week same time and same place

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