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It’s time to break up with toxic workplaces! Workplace toxicity is a major disappointment, but don’t worry – Nicola and Gina are here to spice things up with “Let’s Break Up: Toxic Workplace Stories”. Join your hosts weekly as they invite guests to share real-life experiences of workplace toxicity and offer a sense of encouragement and unity, tackling the tough topic of negativity in the workplace and turning it into a movement for positivity. Come along with Nicola and Gina as they explore the various forms of toxicity in the workplace and offer practical solutions while promoting solidarity and a sense of community among listeners.

This podcast is quickly becoming the go-to source for anyone looking to first share and then ditch the drama and create a happier, healthier work environment. Get ready to laugh, learn, and join the revolution against red flags and toxic workplaces.

You’ll love listening if…

  • If you want to hear about toxic workplaces
  • if you enjoy a little more swearing than other podcasts might have
  • if you love listening to the tea being spilt on toxic workplaces
  • You want to feel part of a community of people who have experieced toxic workplaces
  • You want to listen to some amazing experts who know more about toxic workplaces than we do!

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