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S1E23: Cracking Toxic Personalities: Unleashing the Power of Workplace Culture with Gail Rudolph!

Join hosts Gina and Nicola on this week’s episode of “Let’s Break Up – Toxic Workplace Stories” as they delve into the captivating world of workplace empowerment with renowned author and advocate, Gail Rudolph. In this enlightening interview, Gail shares her insights from her groundbreaking book, “Power Up,” which serves as a guide to transforming toxic work environments into spaces that nurture personal growth and professional success.

Throughout the episode, Gina and Nicola engage Gail in a thought-provoking conversation, exploring key topics such as fostering positive communication, dismantling hierarchical structures, and promoting inclusive practices. Gail’s expertise shines as she draws from her extensive research and personal experiences to offer practical strategies for employees, managers, and organizations seeking to break free from the chains of toxicity.

Listeners will gain valuable advice on identifying toxic patterns, reclaiming personal power, and cultivating healthy workplace dynamics. Whether you’re someone currently navigating a toxic work environment or an aspiring change-maker striving to create positive change, this episode is a must-listen.

Tune in as Gina, Nicola, and Gail empower you with knowledge, inspiration, and actionable steps towards building workplaces that prioritize well-being, collaboration, and personal growth. Get ready to power up your career and transform toxic work cultures into thriving, supportive spaces.

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Oh yeah.Speaker 2: 53:32

All these different shirts. No, that was the other Brian. That was T-shirt Brian Oh.Speaker 1: 53:37

T-shirt Brian. Oh my God, yeah, brian with the insurgents was very funny.Speaker 2: 53:41

Yeah, um, we had the lady with four million jobs. Do you remember that one Mm? hmm, i know Where she had like what was it Like? 47.Speaker 1: 53:54

Like her first. Like her first line out of the box was like I’ve had 46 jobs in the past 30 years and we’re like what.Speaker 2: 54:05

We’ve got Amy, who talks to us about toxic positivity, which is pretty cool, and then we had Stu, who was our most recent recording, yeah, talking about leadership, which I’m pretty bloody excited about.Speaker 1: 54:20

And now so we’ll be doing some more interviews, but also sprinkling in some of the research episodes.Speaker 2: 54:25

Yeah, and then we’ll be doing some research episodes is going to like is our next kind of step right? That’s our evolution.Speaker 1: 54:33

And we’ll see what happens. We’ll see what you guys like more And if you have any comments, thoughts, reactions, just reach out to us.Speaker 2: 54:39

Yeah, We really appreciate everybody’s comments. Yeah, We’ve had. I just, I just get so excited when someone comments, So if you could comment like like subscribe, share follow all those good things. Come join us on LinkedIn. Come join us on.Speaker 3: 54:55

Instagram, yeah, yeah Find us a good place.Speaker 4: 54:57

We’d be happy to have you.Speaker 2: 54:59

And we’ll see you in season two. Couple weeks, yeah, yeah, a couple weeks. Thank you for joining us today. If you would like to share your story, we would love to hear from you.Speaker 1: 55:10

Also, leaving a review helps us create more content because it shows us there’s an interest in this topic.Speaker 2: 55:16

For those of our listeners who do better with reading, we have closed caption available on YouTube.Speaker 1: 55:20

See you next week, same time and same place.

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